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Big Cat Country is the primary source of news for the Jacksonville Jaguars at, a sports network owned and operated by Vox Media.
My ongoing duties with this project include managing all Big Cat Country social media channels, producing video content, helping new writers get started as contributors, engaging fans daily, providing real-time commentary during games, and more.

Social media results

Among several goals, one is to direct as much web traffic from social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to the website as possible. I have been able to increase web traffic through social media channels every year since being hired in 2013.

2013: 678,000 pageclicks via social media
2014: 1,938,000 pageclicks via social media
2015: 2,424,500 pageclicks via social media
2016: 3,238,600 pageclicks via social media
2017: 3,845,300 pageclicks via social media
2018: 2,005,700 pageclicks via social media
2019: On pace for 2,229,600 pageclicks via social media (as of 6/30)

SEO results

Another responsibility is making sure all articles and headlines are optimized for SEO. I have been able to increase web traffic through organic search every year since being hired in 2013.

2013: 1,879,400 pageclicks via organic search
2014: 2,009,400 pageclicks via organic search
2015: 2,016,100 pageclicks via organic search
2016: 2,556,800 pageclicks via organic search
2017: 2,804,400 pageclicks via organic search
2018: 2,327,200 pageclicks via organic search
2019: On pace for 2,670,000 pageclicks via organic search


In 2017, an increase in video content was needed to grow Big Cat Country into an even stronger destination for Jacksonville Jaguars news, opinion, and commentary. I took the lead on video content production. My duties included brainstorming new video content to be integrated regularly onto the Big Cat Country homepage and social media channels, producing video content, assisting in the production of video content with freelance contributors, and engaging with fans through video.

Some examples below:

Top 25 Plays of 2016

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Facebook Live Q&A Videos

Ryan Day